Custom Website Development

Developing beauty & excellence that will represent your business as you do, while converting users into new customers. Your website is typically viewed 4 times before a customer ever interacts with a member of your business – It should be your best representation.

Mobile Device Optimized

75% of all internet traffic is happening on a mobile device, so naturally, mobile optimization and attention is crucial to converting that traffic into customers. During development, we optimize coded pages on every manufacturer viewport size and technology handling abilities.

Maintenance & Updates

Website edits and updates can be challenging and expensive, we handle all your edits, maintenance, updates, hosting & backups so you can focus on your business without worry or frustration. We continually update your website to the latest standards.

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In today’s online madness, you are either the 800lb gorilla or not. The Time Is Now!
Our Services

Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices make up 75% of internet traffic, it only makes sense that your company’s website renders beautifully and completely in all mobile viewports. Hwy65 takes great care in ensuring that all websites render in the over 3000 different viewports in existence.
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Reputation Marketing

Reputation Force is the #1 online reputation marketing and management system on the internet today. Hwy 65 Internet Tech has invested 8 years to its development and continued growth. You get new reviews on auto-pilot, while pushing them to the sites that matter most, including social media, which reinforcing to your audiences that you’re the obvious choice.
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Cloud Backup Service

If your office was devastated or broken into, would you be irreparably harmed if your company data was gone forever? It’s a very good business practice to keep server & workstation backups off site for maximum security. Our managed cloud backup services redundantly back up & encrypts all your data to our cloud serves to ensure your data is always safe and locked away. HIPAA compliant.
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Website Hosting

Hwy 65 Internet Technologies uses the latest advanced hardware developed by Dell for maximum performance and reliability. We host your website, web apps, Facebook call-ins, phone apps and more. All websites are hosted with a unique IP address for security. Guaranteed 99% up time.
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Blog & Social Media Services

Whether you favor Facebook, Twitter, Google + or any other social media network, we can integrate them into your new website. We can also install an API so your website will post information to these networks automatically. Utilizing these tools will dramatically increase your traffic while also driving them directly to your social platforms of choice. Your website & social media pages go hand in hand.
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Business Data Collecting & Analytics

Gathering data from customers and employees alike, is an invaluable tool to measure trends in your business that may not be obvious to identify without detailed data gathering.  Our proprietary dynamic data gathering software can identify a point of concern, and continue drilling down deeper with questions to ultimately uncover the source or department of problem.
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Website Maintenance

It is important for all business owners to take an active approach in managing their company’s website. Regular maintenance to ensure all images and links are fully operational, while evolving your content is essential to staying up to date, competitive & advancing your business.
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SEO Service & Training

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of boosting your website’s authority on all the used search engines. SEO is a process, not a destination, and can be expensive over time. We offer full SEO training and coaching to help you every step of the way, while saving you thousands of dollars along the way. Members of our staff have over 15 years SEO experience.

Business IT Support

Hwy 65 Tech offers managed IT support and service for the business of any size and technological complexity. An unexpected network or computer problem in the middle of the day is a problem most business owners know too well. The headaches & lack of productivity are endless when the problems aren’t quickly diagnosed and repaired.
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In today’s online madness, you are either the 800lb gorilla or not. The Time Is Now!
Custom Web Design Samples
  • Martial Art Responsive Website Design & Development

    Martial Art Responsive Website Design & Development

    Goals:  World Tae Kwon Federation Quick navigation and delivery of information. Gather contact requests via free lessons, appointments and contact forms.  Showcase Master's world wide achievements.  World Tae Kwon Federation Development:  Martial Art Responsive Website Design & Development.  Reputation Marketing.
  • Plastic Surgeon Responsive Website Design & Development

    Plastic Surgeon Responsive Website Design & Development

    Goals:  A professional display of thousands of before & after images, with significant content for each service. Highlighting the doctor's published articles in strategic places was important for this doctor. Development: Plastic Surgeon Responsive Website Design & Development.  Reputation Marketing.
  • Corporate Responsive Website Design & Development

    Corporate Responsive Website Design & Development

    Business: Ideal Incentive Inc  - Entrepreneur Hot 100 Company Goals:  To develop a clean corporate feel, with hipster elements and design. Online catalog browsing and linking. Development: Corporate Responsive Website Design & Development.
  • nashville tn plastic surgeon web design

    Cosmetic Surgeon Responsive Website Design & Development

    Goals:  Display detailed galleries of innovative work and ground breaking techniques, while publishing medical information to support the procedure methods. Development: Cosmetic Surgeon Responsive Website Design & Development.  Reputation Marketing.
  • Business Responsive Website Design & Development

    Business Responsive Website Design & Development

    Goals: Create multiple sites in one build.  This site features a rich corporate display, while highlighting the seasonal services, and also incorporates a store for the sales of lights nationally. Development Business  Responsive Website Design & Development.  E-Commerce.
Our Partner Clients
Entellus Medical

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In today’s online madness, you are either the 800lb gorilla or not. The Time Is Now!
Responsive Website Design nashville hendersonville tn

3 Questions For Website Success


What Do You Specialize In?

The first seconds a person lands on your site is crucial, the brain sends a ‘stay’ or ‘flight’ signal instantly, and the rest of the browsing behavior is dictated by that signal.
Choosing the right message on the first slider, image or video is vital to the success of your website, and converting browsers into customers.


How Does Your Business Make Money?

This may sound like the silliest question someone could ask, but in web development it’s one of the most important questions, and quite possibly the most overlooked. Your business may be one of which you get 85% of your service from offering free in home estimates, thus, getting people to sign up for a free in home estimate is how your business makes money. The strategy employed when designing your website is crucial to the website success. It either dramatically increases conversions and your business, or it’ll sit there not being used to it’s potential. The more we know about your business, the better we will design your website.


Who Pays The Bills?

Understanding who is going to pay for your services, their age, race, habits, trends, etc. is imperative to the successful design and success of your business and website goals. We’ve been a successful web design & development company for 15 years, and know how to do it properly. Let us help you help yourself.

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In today’s online madness, you are either the 800lb gorilla or not. The Time Is Now!

Nothing Beats 5 Stars

Generate Reviews Automatically

Our system automatically generates new reviews from current and past customers effortlessly.

Showcase Your Reputation

Our beautifully styled review page on your website calls in all your internet reviews, regardless where they reside.

Social Share

We push your 4 & 5 star reviews to your social media pages and other sites like Yelp and Google local for maximum benefit.

Address Negative Reviews

You have a 30 day grace period to address negative reviews with the customer, leading to a win-win for you both in the end.

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In today’s online madness, you are either the 800lb gorilla or not. The Time Is Now!

5 Star Reputation Made Simple

A good reputation is not a destination, it’s an employed process of growth with a determination to get better every day. By listening to what others have to say, correcting any problems you have control of and spreading the praises across the internet, you’ll be set on the path of success.