PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

This is the advertising method by which you pay Google to display ads for your business and/or service to people using the Google search engine when they type a search that matches your business scope. The top 3-4 and the entire right side bar of the Google search results pages are PPC ads.  That means, that the business’s listed there, have paid to be placed at such advantageous positions on the results pages, because they command the majority of the clicks for any and all searches done on Google.

PPC advertising is the most targeted and highly converting advertising a company can do on the internet today. You don’t pay Google until someone clicks on your ad, and once they click they arrive at your landing page, thus, giving you an opportunity to turn that user into a customer. If done properly, the results will be very successful.

Working With a Professional

Most people find out real fast that working with a PPC professional reduces their monthly spend, while increasing their conversions. The learning curve to PPC advertising is vast, and the cost to learn is tremendous if you can’t devote full time attention to learning the craft and perfecting the campaign.

PPC professionals charge a management fee, typically between 25-40% of the monthly budget. If your budget for the month is $1000 the management fee would be between $250-$400 and the rest would be spent on Google advertising. Most will tell you, it’s money well spent to eliminate the headache and increase conversions.

The HWY65 Approach to PPC

At HWY65 Tech we take an entirely different approach to traditional PPC management. We’ve found that once we professionally set up an account, and monitor it periodically, that any business owner can take the ‘keys to the car’, and it’ll continue to perform at a high level from there. Because of this, we don’t charge a management fee per month, instead we charge a one time ‘setup fee’ of $999. Your campaign will run as we set it up for as long as you’d like.  You can start, pause or stop your campaign at any time based on your business needs.  You’ll also have continued access via phone or email with any questions you may have in the future, we’re here to help.  We also send you a detailed PDF manual we created that makes navigating the waters easy for all levels of understanding. Spend less on management fees, and you spend more on your business, and generating leads – pretty simple conclusion.


When you’re forced to pay a management company to run your PPC campaign, they take an exorbitant amount of money, especially when you add up the fees over a year or two. We put you in control of your campaign, which allows you to use all your monthly budget on generating new leads, rather than paying for PPC management you don’t need, because of this program.



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