Business Data Surveys & Analytics Nashville & Hendersonville TN

When we discuss Business Data Surveys & Analytics, most businesses think of customer surveys, and that’s only partially right. By also analyzing data from employees, you’ll be able to uncover any internal problems that may exist that aren’t easily recognizable.

Corporate Data

Gathering survey data over a broad population, and analyzing the results over time, will uncover hidden problems in any corporation, while being cost effective to do so. Whether from customers or employees, this invaluable data will either generate or save the corporation staggering sums of money.

Small Business Data

Smaller companies have a smaller population, thus less data to analyze in the short term.  It’s important to gather as much data as possible in a “how are we doing” survey, reputation analysis.

Quarterly Baseline Surveys

A baseline survey is a measurement over a longer period of time. the data will reveal if the changes you’ve made, from the data you gathered with pulse surveys, is having the desired effect. these types of surveys are implemented quarterly.

Dynamic Pulse Surveys – The Power of Our System

Dynamic pulse surveys are issued more frequently than the baseline survey. This type of survey is typically short and detailed, giving you immediate information needed implement operational changes. Our surveys intelligently analyze each response, and if more information is needed to identify the source of a problem, it will dynamically drill down deeper with additional questions with more detail.

Why Business Data Surveys & Analytics Is Important

  • It will improve your product & service. Honestly listening to customers will tell you all you need to know about your business as a whole, and listening to your employee data, will give you valuable insight into the operations of your business and what needs improving.

  • It’s the best way to measure customer satisfaction, and whether you are surpassing your customers expectations. The word measure is the most important word we can use when speaking of business data analytics.

    • It provides actionable insight to create a better customer experience, as improving customer experience should be the sole reason you gather feedback from your customers.  Measure, analyze, take action.

    • It will improve customer retention. You will know if customers are happy, and if they’re not, you’ll understand why and correct it. A happy customer is a retained customer.

    • You will have tangible data that should be used to make better business decisions. The best business decision are based off solid data, not hunches or feelings.

    The benefits are truly endless, but for a business of any size with a customer base, there is a wealth of information and knowledge waiting & willing for you to uncover it and become a better business by doing so.

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