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It’s always a good practice to keep your primary or secondary office data backed up offsite for security. Having a disaster recovery plan, that’s reliable and affordable will allow you to sleep well at night. Managed Cloud Backup Storage Service & Offsite Data Storage.  Located in Hendersonville, and service all of the Nashville TN market & surrounding states

What Is Manage Cloud Backup?

Managed means, we have human eyes on your backups at all times from our central control dash panels. If any part of your nightly backup didn’t perform without errors, we can see that and will manually initiate an immediate backup copy to the cloud servers.  This ensures that you always have a perfect working copy of your most recent data to be restored in the event of a disaster.

Servers are the most popular computer to back up due to the network environment of a typical business office. It’s also a very good practice to backup any computer that also contains important information or documents. If you came to work in the morning, and your office was broken into, or fire destroyed, which computers would you cry the loudest for?  That’s a good way to determine the computers you should be backing up.

To The Cloud

A cloud server, is an offsite server that resides in much like a virtual environment, and is used as a data storage center for all your files. Every client has their own partition on the cloud servers, so there is no 2 companies sharing any of the same space. When a daily backup is triggered, the data is 256 bit encrypted then pushed through the API tunnel created between the computes and the cloud server, where it will reside until needed for disaster recovery. The backups are performed redundantly, which means, only the files that have changed, including new files are backed up for the day.

Is My Company Data Safe?

The reliability of our cloud servers is 11 9’s!  That means, if you store 10,000 data pieces on our servers, on average you may lose one of them every 10 millions years! Your data is tremendously secure.

I Am a Doctor, Is This HIPAA Compliant?

The answer is a resounding yes. We backup the databases from your practice management software, encrypt it with 256 bit encryption before sending it up to the cloud. At no time does anybody have access to your unencrypted data, thus making our Managed Cloud Backup Solution 100% HIPAA compliant.

Expert Cloud Backup Storage Service & Offsite Data Storage.  Nashville, Hendersonville TN and All Surrounding Markets and States

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