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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Consumers use the search engines to conduct their searches for products or services they are searching for. To come up in those search results (SERPS) you need to employ an intelligent and well thought out search engine optimization strategy. Hwy65 offers reputable search engine optimization services, located in Hendersonville TN. We assist your business by driving new customers to your website through on page and off page improvements.

SEO Goals

By reworking the meta data, and analyzing your text and alt text with our advanced SEO software, we achieve higher ranking results, thus sending more visitors to your website and business. Designing your website with SEO in mind, is always the best strategy, and will save time & money in the long run.

The SEO Process

For every search performed on Google, the search engine scans tens of millions of websites to find the most relevant content to deliver you.  This is done in fractions of seconds, so to make it easy for Google to pick your website, all on-page elements must be perfect. Updating on-page and off-page SEO elements such as content, meta tags, alt text, coding, etc will make your website more favorable to google in the search results which results in higher rankings..


The professionals at Hwy65 have been SEO masters for over 15 years, and have ranked websites at the top of the most competitive keywords on the internet. Client consulting is essential for us to gain an in depth understanding of your short and long term goals, which will mold the optimization strategy we employ.

SEO success is not a fast process and must be thought of as a marketing arm that continues year after year.  Google doesn’t instantly reward websites because they start doing SEO, you have to prove to the search engine that you are here to stay, and not simply trying to game the system for a temporary higher listing in the SERPS.

Long term SEO strategies will benefit your business for many years in the future.  As Google gains trust in your website content, on & off-page SEO practices, it will begin to rank your website for searches you didn’t even think of ranking for.

We say around here, that SEO is nothing more than Google food – give it what it wants and keep it coming back for more.

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SEO – Training

Most will wonder why we train companies to do search engine optimization, when we offer it as a service as well, that’s counter productive, isn’t it? Well, here’s our reasoning – we’re a local business in the Nashville Market, Hendersonville TN, and take much pride in doing all we can to help all local business’s achieve their online goals. Smaller companies may not have the available budget to sustain a long term SEO program, we don’t feel they should not be able to compete on a level playing field with the bigger budget companies in their same industry.

We teach you 1 on 1 every aspect of SEO, in a clear and understandable way that even a brand new employee that doesn’t know what SEO stands for could understand.

All training is done viia, telephone and video conferencing if needed. You’ll always have a technician to call or email for immediate answers to your most pressing questions.

Our goal, is to give you a fantastic knowledge base, strategies and a solid foundation to continue to build on. We reveal strategies that have been proven over 15 years of implementation.

The training is billed in 3 month increments, as it will take several cycles to develop a the foundation necessary to carry on without assistance.

To learn more give us a call today (615) 656-0700